I    am Rece, a designer and developer. My specialization ranges from application development on various platforms to 2D and 3D design and asset creation. My experience has grown from obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, working at Warner Bros. in CA, shipping a bunch of games and apps, and freelancing for over 10 years.
     I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. There I studied within various fields of Communication Arts and Design with an emphasis in Kinetic Imagery. I learned everything from Color Theory, to Sculpture, to Video Editing, and Motion Graphics. After graduating I worked at Warner Bros. as a designer, then as both designer and developer. I began to venture deeper into programming trying to merge my love of static mediums with interactivity. Being a designer first, I’m able to mold the never-ending world of programming and engineering into wonderful user interactions.

 Code    to me needs to be approached with the idea that "the more ground level I understand, the more I can do". To me, "code is code" no matter what language or development environment we’re in. All programming languages require the same basic understanding of variables and functions. A gross simplification, but the only real differences are how much hand-holding the language or environment does for you, and semantics. Pretty much all this paragraph means is that I’m able to hop into different programming languages, environments, and tools quickly to get the job done well. Below are some of the languages and tools I use often.