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What iamrece does?

     Able to merge development and design, I am able to execute idea to release for clients and myself within many different fields. I am comfortable around ASM, Plain Java, and a soldering iron just as I am a pencil, table saw, and a good set of wood carving tools.

     My strong desire to create in many areas is not due to having separate interests, but because those fields are all within a project's path. I am not deterred by studying heavy mathematics and logic, practicing clean and steady alignments, nor putting in tedious hard work. I want to make things, and there are neccessary skills and knowledge that I have to hone in order to make them well. I love it all and aim to progressively get better. To design and develop is to create.

     I have a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts where I studied Communication Arts and Design, Kinetic Imagery, and Sculpture. Self-taught programming while working at Warner Bros. as a Designer turned my position into a Development + Design role. From there I rolled into shipping personal projects, and freelance for large and small companies. Through paid freelance I created many iOS and Android apps, websites, CMS and database structures, productivity applications, and prototypes, as well as wedding and birthday invites, 3D models and game assets, banners, UI/UX flows and wirefames, and jewelry.


     I've worked in-house, outsourced, freelanced, and consulted for and with large to small companies.

Sword of Hypotenuse Shipped 9.21
Sword of Hypotenuse Soundtrack(s) Shipped 9.21
The Cost App Shipped 2.19
Warner Bros. Freelance Developer & Designer 2017 - 2018
Leevemark Freelance Developer 2017
Boopable App Shipped 6.16
Polygone App Shipped 5.16
Mazewood App Shipped 6.14
Onseeker Freelance Consultant 2013 - 2014
Sunstorm Games Freelance Designer 2013
Hypotenuse on XBox LIVE Indie Games Shipped 11.12
Warner Bros. Freelance Developer & Designer 2012
Progetan Freelance Developer & Designer 2012
Stratopy Freelance Developer & Designer 2010 - 2012
ITT Instructor C++ 2010
ITT Instructor Broadcast Graphics 2010
ITT Instructor Typography 2010
ITT Instructor Design Theory 2010
ITT Instructor Image Manipulation 2010
Captain Duckie's Quack 'n Rescue App Shipped 04.10
VCU Guest Lecturer on Game Development 2010
Robot Assembly Line App Shipped 03.10
ITT Instructor : Animation I 2010
FORMation Freelance Developer & Designer 2009
Dot Error on Xbox LIVE Indie Games Shipped 12.09
Chalked on Xbox LIVE Indie Games Shipped 05.09
Cut&Paste LA 2D Contestant 2009
Warner Bros. Developer/ Designer 2007 - 2009
VCU Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts 2006

Programming Languages

     AJAX, Android (Java/XML), ASM, C#, C++, C, CSS, DirectX (9-12), Flash (AS2/AS3), HTML/5, HLSL/GLSL, iOS (Objective-C), Java (plain), Javascript (plain), jQuery, JSON, MaxScript, OpenGL, PHP, Python, Swift, mySQL/i, XML.
Code is code.

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